Welsh House Farm Big Local Funding approved by Local Trust

On 1st July 2022 Welsh House Farm Big Local received approval from the Local Trust confirming we have met the criteria for the Trust to continue funding the Big Local Programme until 2026, which is the end date for this initiative.

This formal approval followed an extensive programme of work by WHFBL partnership to draft a new Plan and submit it together with our proposed budget requirements for the next 4 years.

This New Plan for WHFBL sets out our priorities and the work we will be doing to support the residents and communities of Welsh House Farm over the next few years. The Plan also sets out how we aim to develop a permanent legacy to ensure that there is ongoing support and resourcing for the residents of Welsh House Farm beyond the Local Trust funding time scale. This legacy will echo the principles, values and ethos of WHFBL and will build on the work and initiatives from the last few years, for which local participation and engagement are crucial.

Approval by the Local Trust for our new Plan and budget is a fantastic testament to the hard work and effort of the Partnership and staff of Welsh House Farm Big Local, the residents of Welsh House Farm who have supported us on this journey, and to our LTO colleagues and our Trust Representative.

As well as extensive consideration of our proposed Plan and Budget by Trust representatives, in order for our Plan and budget to be approved, WHFBL representatives were required to meet formally with a Plan Assessor from the Big Local Trust, and respond to detailed questions about our work, priorities and future plans.

I am very grateful for the hard work of my fellow Partnership Members, the WHFBL staff Team and our colleagues at the LTO and the Local Trust for their support during what has been a challenging but very productive time for WHFBL.

We very much look forward to working together over the next few years to continue our ideas and initiatives to make Welsh House Farm a great place to live and work in for all communities across all age groups.

I attach the statement from our Local Assessor in which she describes her assessment of WHFBL.


Graham Bryan

Welsh House Farm Big Local

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