Carnival Craft Club for seniors at Wellington Court sheltered housing scheme

Since the Big Local came into being one of its key strategies was to both engage and reach out to older residents across Welsh House Farm.

Carnival Craft Club for seniors is where both residents and visitors to Wellington Court have been made to feel part of the summer energise festival activities by making banners, lollipops and windsocks that will be carried along the streets of Welsh House Farm during it carnival day street procession.

Photograph showing community arts facilitator Sam Hale of Bostin Arts at Wellington Court supporting residents carnival club craft activities.

Carnival Craft Club has been running for 3 years up at Wellington Court Sheltered housing scheme which is located just on the outer edge of Welsh House Farm.

With the full support of Waterloo Housing and Age Concern Birmingham the Big Local will make sure that all future activities will include our older residents no matter where they live in Welsh House Farm

Big Local back at the Keystone Children’s Center

During the summer Welsh House Farm Big Local has funded family carnival craft club with Sam Hale of Bostin Arts where residents from across the area have been given the opportunity to make their own carnival item.

Introducing Patch the dog who will be part of our Welsh House Farm Energise Festival Carnival on Saturday 17th August 2019 at the Keystone Play area.

It has also given our community development workers the chance to meet new residents who have recently arrived in Welsh House Farm and to bring those who are already living in the are the chance to be back at the Keystone where activities like ESOL, breastfeeding classes and baby massage happened on a weekly basis.

Next month Big Local along with selected partners will be holding a meeting with Birmingham City Council officers and Harborne Councillors to look at the possibility of bringing the Keystone Children Center back into full time use for the benefit of Welsh House Farm residents.

We will of course keep residents fully updated on the discussions but in the meantime if you have any ideas of what kind of services you would like to see back at the Keystone Children’s Center do get in touch with us.