We are Energised on Welsh House Farm Live Blog

What a great start to the Welsh House Farm BigLocal Energise Festival, with various free to attend activities and workshops happening across the area for both young and old.

Our Energise Festival poster and timetable of activities was launched out to Welsh House Farm with Rise Community Sports twice daily Summer Sports Sessions giving young people opportunities to play various inclusive sports at the MUGA on Selcroft Avenue.

Young people from across Welsh House Farm have also been given the opportunity to sign upto various other workshops such as Streetestra music and dance from a local charity called On The Edge.

One of our main aims this Summer along with partner organisations is to bring more engagement with young people on other parts Welsh House Farm who don't normally come to organised activities in safe spaces.

Rise Community Sports have led the way by taking it's Summer Sports Sessions onto an unused bit of land on Welsh House Farm where upto 30-40 young people have been given the opportunity to play sports together and hold dance classes.

At the Haven Community Project yesterday where the Big Local office is based a local resident Cath Fletcher with support from her mother Jean and volunteers held a gardening and creative workshop for a large group 8 year olds.

To find out more about the Welsh House Farm environment action group members became Green Grafters see their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/WHFGreenGrafters/

Insert more photos and description of activities

Here's one of our community development workers Michael Thawe and Welsh House Farm Green Grafter having a go at decorating a plant pot at yesterday's crafting and gardening activity at the Haven Community Centre.

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